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Dr. G.J.Manohar

Descended from the lines of such illustrious predecessors, is Dr. G.J.Manohar who took over as the Headmaster and Correspondent in the year 2006. He has proved to be an able, dynamic and an energetic person with a great vision to build the school to reach glories. He started the nursery and primary sections and constructed…

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Dr. Clement J.Felix

Dr. Clement Felix became the Headmaster in 1973. His public contacts were wide enough and he harnessed their good will and support for the school and its expanding programmes.soon the school registered an all time high in every sphere in strength on rolls,monetary reserves,curricular and building projects,results at examinations,sports and games. He started a number…

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Mr. E.D. Savarirayan

In 1967 Mr. E.D. Savarirayan succeeded Mr. Mathias as Headmaster of the school. He re-affirmed the spiritual dimension of education more than most of his predecessors.Nevertheless, his spirituality did not with hold him from a commendable effort,which he made to improve the financial position of the school.At last,he succeeded in adding to the school the…

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Dr. A. Jefferson Christopher

Dr. A. Jefferson Christopher succeeded him as the Headmaster in 1992. Untiring and unstinting in the efforts to upgrade the institution to the changing times, he set up a computer laboratory, Junior Science lab and Basket ball Court and was also instrumental in the construction of the compound wall along the railway track behind the…

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MR. Mathias

In 1962 MR. MATTHIAS took over as Headmaster. He formed the first Parent Teacher Association. With the help of the association and other friends Mr. Matthias added the seventh standard block, equipped the laboratories and started new programmes.

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The School moves to Chetput in 1950

As the school made progress and earned a reputation for its curriculum and approach to education, it became clear that it needed to move to a quieter and larger place.  The search for a place intensified under the leadership of Shri Kuruvilla Jacob, and Napier Gardens in Chetput was identified as the perfect location.  The…

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Madras Christian College

In 1877, the school got its present name “MADRAS CHRISTIAN COLLEGE”. The school grew so much in strength and reputation, as to never lose them again. The curriculum was updated and made more comprehensive.  

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Rev. William Miller arrives

REV. WILLIAM MILLER took over in 1862 and was destined to become the greatest architect of the school. The School which until then was going through rough weather got upgraded into a college.

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